I often fall in love with boys I've never talked to before, just by passing by them on the street or hearing the way someone says their name. Actually, I fall in love with everything, and that's pretty much it.

my name is Madalena and I was born 17 years ago in Lisbon, Portugal.

April 23rd

i am made of tears and being scared i don’t know anything ever i don’t want to hurt anymore i am so lost all the time i can’t breathe somebody shoot me and hold my dead body very tight until it bursts and joins everything else.

April 22nd fogosdepalha:

st. james’ park, london
April 22nd
April 22nd
April 22nd in a nutshell.
April 22nd slanting:

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April 21st
April 21st

hugs are so nice, having another’s arms wrapped around you and the way it can be the safest place to cry or the way it sometimes magically puts all your pieces back together hugs are such a nice and beautiful thing!!!

April 21st coffee-is-better-than-a-hug:

Dead wrong. on We Heart It.
April 21st "You love the accidental. A smile from a pretty girl in an interesting situation, a stolen glance, that is what you are hunting for, that is a motif for your aimless fantasy. You who always pride yourself on being an observateur must, in return, put up with becoming an object of observation. Ah, you are a strange fellow, one moment a child, the next an old man; one moment you are thinking most earnestly about the most important scholarly problems, how you will devote your life to them, and the next you are a lovesick fool."
Søren Kierkegaard (via ttender)

(Source: wordswithinyou, via ttender)